joshua schnable

joshua schnable performs - house concert 5.22.2009


Joshua Schnable has been writing music with technology for the past 17 years. A gentle nudge from a jazz instructor (who provided access to an Atari ST running C-Lab Notator connected via MIDI to a Korg M1, but no actual instruction on how to use them), kickstarted a long love affair with synthesizers, drum machines, and black boxes that go beep in the night.

Stylistically his music ranges from ambient, minimal techno and dub to more melodically driven IDM. His past output has seen release in multimedia and video projects, a contribution to a Chicago-based benefit CD, and the 2005 collaborative release “Raindays” with Bill Van Loo. He most recently filled in as a replacement piano player in the Chicago orchestral pop band Canasta, touring, performing, and contributing a remix for them. He currently resides in Princeton, New Jersey with his wife, and has resumed work on solo and collaborative electronic works.