bill van loo – chromedecay tracks 1996-2001

“Van Loo’s thinly veiled allusions to Berlin dub have much more to do with inspiration than emulation or a ham-fisted attempt at replicating a golden age. Generally speaking, these tracks are more ornate and less repetitive than anything delivered by the Berlin dub massive, all the while thriving on ultra-heady hypnotics and rather stupefying pulsations. – Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

chromedecay tracks 1996-2001 is now available as a free digital download. You can click on each track title to download an mp3 of it, or download the entire release, including cover art, as a zip file [71MB zip].

bill van loo - chromedecay tracks 1996-2001 cover image
  1. An Introduction [6.1MB mp3]
  2. Opposite Angle [8.7MB mp3]
  3. You Are [7.7MB mp3]
  4. Quiet Storm [8.9MB mp3]
  5. Dusk [8.8MB mp3]
  6. Dubstyle [edit] [6.4MB mp3]
  7. Knowing Dub [10.7MB mp3]
  8. FM Study 1.5 [11.9MB mp3]
  9. FM Study [grain edit] [2.3MB mp3]
  10. You may also download the entire release as a ZIP file, including cover art [71MB zip]


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