rob theakson: grand traverse bay EP

rob theakston: grand traverse bay EP cover image
  1. nothing is cool anymore [6.5MB mp3]
  2. for eva hesse [9.5MB mp3]
  3. hastingsand12th [2.3MB mp3]
  4. trimalchio [6.8MB mp3]
  5. hastings & 12th (bill van loo remix) [5.2MB mp3]
  6. trimalchio (chris mcnamara remix) [7.6MB mp3]
You can download individual tracks by clicking on their names (above) or download the entire release as a ZIP file, including cover art (37.6MB).

about this release

While kidnapped and relocated to parts unknown, Rob Theakston had plenty of time to read books. These compositions are reactions to various printed material, which ranged from a very thorough history of Detroit to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s original draft of The Great Gatsby to a biography of German artist Eva Hesse. Pretentious? You bet.

The cover image for this release features a gorgeous photo by Ypsilanti’s Matt Callow, entitled “Voigtlander Pinhole: Grand Traverse Bay” (from which this release’s title was also drawn).