Korg ER-1 Sample Collection

Korg ER-1 rhythm synthesizer: image courtesy

about the collection

written by bill van loo, 4/27/2006:

The Korg ER-1 served as a central piece of gear in the chromedecay studio for a number of years. After a long period of use, it got to the point where I hadn’t turned it on for a number of months, and I decided it was time to part with it. However, I loved many of the sounds I’d created, so I decided to sample everything. My good friend J. Schnable then took those samples, and carefully compiled and edited them into the collection that is now available.


Download the ER-1 Sample Collection [13.3 MB ZIP file]

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The sounds in this collection were created by bill van loo with the Korg ER-1 rhythm synthesizer, recorded by bill van loo, and edited and compiled by j. schnable.

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