live @ leopold bros now available at CDBaby

chromedecay has recently begun setting up shop at CDBaby, and we are pleased to announce the first chromedecay release is now available via CDBaby:

Bill Van Loo: Live @ Leopold Bros.

AllMusic’s Andy Kellman had this to say about Live @ Leopold Bros:

“Live at Leopold Bros. is a practically flawless quilt of Bill Van Loo’s micro-tech productions in the form of an hour-long mix. Flowing smoothly with unpredictable spontaneity but coming off as meticulously mapped out at the same time, these ten tracks form a thoroughly enjoyable, all-in-one evidentiary record of Van Loo’s ability to craft a wide spectrum of sounds and moods that alternately translate to the living room and the club.” – Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

CDBaby will also be handling digital distribution for chromedecay releases, which means that we’ll start showing up on iTunes, Rhapsody, and other popular digital download services soon (probably in a week or so). The upcoming “chromedecay tracks pt2.: 2001-2005” will also be available via CDBaby, iTunes, and the other digital download services once it’s complete (getting closer every day…)