Saturday, November 12th: Bill Van Loo with Listener (Flint, MI)

On November 12, 2005, Bill Van Loo will join Listener (avant-rapper with releases on such labels as Mush, Gotee and Deepspace5) for the Flint, Michigan stop on Listener’s “Tour of Homes”.

The idea behind the Tour of Homes is that of an intimate space; a house filled with people, food, and art. I’ll be playing a set of music before Listener steps up; I may also do some live video work. There will also be clothing displays courtesy brown, the shameless clothing mogul. Bring a passing dish and we can eat together!

620 E Newall Street (The House)
Flint, Michigan 48505

Please contact me or Josue (brown) if you want more details – we would love to see you out there!
Josue ([email protected])
ph: 810.656.9245
or Bill Van Loo ([email protected])
ph: 734.652.6883

Here’s an excerpt from one of Listener’s early postings about the concept behind this tour:

“I want to assure you, and reiterate that this tour is not just so I can do a rap show in your living room. Even when I’m on tour in clubs I don’t really just do “rap” shows. I’m much more interested in the performance art aspect of writing and creating and I thought there’s no greater place than to do it in the comfort of your living room. We’re all friends, and I encourage you to invite many friends who aren’t interested in just rap music, but maybe other genres of independent music. This would be the perfect time to invite someone who would never set foot in a club, or a rap show because they think rap is stupid or all about bling. You can be sure that this will be an intimate evening of art expression and hopefully will push on some of the boundaries that you all might have about this genre. You might also consider letting me list the show that you host as an “open” show. That way if there are other fans in the area they can come and enjoy in this experience as well.”


“I think it’s crucial that we all eat together and talk and get to know one another before we can share openly.”

Hope to see you out there!

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