bill van loo remixes create (!)

The California label Sounds Are Active, home of Xn., Soul-Junk, and other artists, recently hosted a remix contest. Bill Van Loo remixed the track “six dreams divided” by Create(!), and you can hear the results here:

create (!): six dreams divided (bill van loo remix) [9.1MB mp3]

I tried to take the approach of a “remix the original elements” rather than a “rip it apart and use tiny fragments” kind of rework. I actually found myself using many of the same processes and techniques as I did when editing and mixing my “6 strings for a winter’s day” record, focusing on stretching and layering the tonal elements. There are some really lovely elements in the original, including some great, subtle guitar melodies and interesting Steve Reich-sounding bass clarinet moments, so I focused on those.

If you are interested, you can see 2 screenshots from the work in progress:

SoundHack in full effect

Arranging in Logic

Here’s the info on the contest, which also contains a link to an mp3 of the original track, as well as all the source tracks.