free Bill Van Loo mp3 release on thinkbox

In conjunction with the Thinkbox: Archive show that is opening at the Art Gallery of Windsor (AGW) on Saturday, May 13, I have released a new set of 5 tracks entitled “5 sketches for thinkbox” as a free mp3 release on the thinkbox mp3 label. Each track is named for and dedicated to one of the other 5 members of thinkbox, and seeks to evoke the sound and themes of that person, as well as my own personal feelings for and about the person. I am honored to be involved in such a talented group of artists.

This set of music, along with a large selection from my back catalogue of thinkbox contributions and live recordings, can also be heard on the listening stations at the AGW show – each thinkbox member has an iPod set up with their tracks loaded onto it for people to listen to.

You can find the free mp3 downloads of “5 sketches for thinkbox” here: think_008MP3