cdigital009 released: bill van loo live at the dreamland theatre

I played a live show this Saturday (October 21) at a little venue called the Dreamland Theatre in Ypsilanti, MI. After a few days’ work, I’ve got photos, videos, and MP3s available from the performance:

bill van loo: live at the dreamland theatre (cdigital009)

I presented material from several projects, including “5 sketches for thinkbox” and “chromedecay tracks pt2: 2001-2005“, as well as several unreleased compositions.

Here are direct links to the Flickr photoset and the YouTube video clips, too:

Photos on Flickr:

Videos on YouTube:

Some technical info about the performance: I used Ableton Live on my Powerbook to run loops, using 4 channels of audio loops and 4 channels of MIDI loops. I had a weighted-key MIDI controller playing the Emagic EVP73 Rhodes plugin through Live’s Saturator plug (to dirty it up a little) and the Trigger Finger to play in live drums and control some effects. The Peavey PC1600x was set up as a master mixer (8 channels for levels, 8 channels for delay send level). All that was set up on the Deltex stand I use, with the Trigger Finger set up on a mic stand (such a great feature of that piece!).

I also ran my Line6 PodXT Live for the first time, as both guitar processor and USB Audio interface, which worked out great. I need to spend more time still working on getting used to that box, but it shows great promise for live work, which is one of the big reasons I moved to that from the Johnson J-Station.