Bill Van Loo – spring 2007 update

I thought I’d take a few minutes here to give some updates about what’s going on with me and chromedecay.

First off, I’ve been taking guitar lessons the last couple months from a great guitarist, Jeff Vivrette (whose website I also happen to be building!). Jeff’s been a great teacher, and it’s been really amazing watching my skills improve. Thanks, Jeff! (You can also check out Jeff Vivrette on Myspace).

I’ve also been doing some production work lately, working with the incredibly talented Rebecca Anderson (who is working on putting together her first full-length solo record; check Rebecca Anderson on Myspace and ShoutLife) and a crazy rapper known at the The Professional Child. Check for some chromedecay hip-hop mashups in the near future.

In label news, chromedecay has been working on a few upcoming chromedecay digital releases. The first one is by Rob Theakston, and is a set of Rob’s minimal electronic work, featuring 4 of his tracks as well as remixes by me and Chris McNamara (of Thinkbox fame). After that will come a series of digital releases from J. Schnable, featuring cover art produced by our good friend Shawn Johnson. Catch a sneak peak at the cover art over on Shawn’s site, in.something.

The Rob Theakston release on chromedecay digital should be up in a week or two – check back for the full scoop! Hope you’re having a wonderful spring – the weather in Ypsilanti has been beautiful!