a look back at 2008

Here we are at the start of a new year, so it seems worth taking a look back at the events of 2008. The next blog post will be a look forward at what to expect from chromedecay in 2009.

2008 was an extremely visuals-oriented year for chromedecay. Besides one digital release (Bubblegone’s excellent “Record of Memory (Live)“) and the Sync08 performance from Bill Van Loo & Joshua Schnable (see photos, video), the public output of chromedecay was otherwise visual.

Here’s a quick look back at the chromedecay year for 2008:

January 2008

January 2008 started off strong on the visual front, taking lots of photos.
the blur of passing cars
above: first photo of 2008

Another big development was the beginning of explorations in Processing, the fantastic visual programming environment.

processing sketch: many circles v1 (reds)
above: processing sketch: many circles v1 (reds)

February 2008
Bill Van Loo contributed the “chicago slow down (el trains remix)” for Canasta’s “We Were Mixed Up” remix album.

programming drums with the Trigger Finger
above: Bill Van Loo programming drums for the Canasta remix

skateboarder with hydrant
above: a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah yielded an excellent photo-walk!

March 2008
On Friday, March 14, 2008, Bill Van Loo & Joshua Schnable performed at the Sync08 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can see photos and video from this performance.

Bill Van Loo & J. Schnable - live at Sync08
above: Bill Van Loo & Joshua Schnable perform at Sync08

April 2008
Bubblegone’s excellent “Record of Memory (Live)” was released in April 2008, marking this talented artist’s first release on chromedecay. Bubblegone has performed at events with Bill Van Loo solo and the duo of Bill Van Loo & Joshua Schnable several times, so it was particularly exciting to have him join up!

Record of Memory (Live) cover art
above: artwork for Bubblegone’s “Record of Memory (Live)”

May 2008
May saw a studio session with Joshua Schnable, working on new material for future release.

quadruptych: bill van loo & j. schnable studio session
above: Bill Van Loo & Joshua Schnable in the chromedecay studio

June 2008
Continuing the visual domination of 2008, June 2008 marked the arrival of a new camera! Bill Van Loo took delivery of a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18, and quickly began putting it to good use.

First FZ18 shots: in-camera motion blur
above: one of the first shots with the new DMC-FZ18

The real news for June, however, was the wedding of Joshua Schnable! Congratulations, Josh! See photos here and here

above: Bill Van Loo & Joshua Schable at Josh’s wedding

July 2008
A day trip to Chicago yielded a new chromedecay video, with black & white footage set to moody beats.

above: “chicago (as seen by car)” video

August 2008
There was lots of photo-taking during the summer months, including more experiments in long exposures.

I-94 lightstream
above: I-94 lightstream

September 2008
Just a few short months after Joshua Schnable got married, longtime chromedecay contributor and supporter Rob Theakston got married in scenic Lexington, Kentucky. Congratulations, Rob!

tablecloth (wedding abstract)
above: tablecloth (wedding abstract)

October 2008
Photographic experiments continued, as material was gathered for upcoming chromedecay photo and video releases.

michigan avenue, ypsilanti
above: a section of Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti

November 2008
Here’s a favorite photo from November.

morning commute
above: morning commute

December 2008
December ended with more Processing work and photography.

rndm4 – processing sketch from chromedecay on Vimeo.
above: rndm4, made in Processing

gym mat abstract
above: gym mat abstract

Looking foward…
Next up: looking forward to 2009!