2010 chromedecay sampler CD

  1. Cultivating – Rob Theakston
  2. 1970 Sumeria – Joshua Schnable
  3. 11-14-2009 – Bill Van Loo
  4. 5/52 (Rhodes & Reaktor) – Bill Van Loo
  5. 1970 Sumeria (Bill Van Loo’s JPL remix) – Joshua Schnable
  6. Vostok Station – Joshua Schnable
  7. Overextended – Rob Theakston
  8. The End of It – Bill Van Loo
  9. Dust Bred – Bill Van Loo

total running time: 45:23

where to buy

This CD sampler is free with the purchase of any full-length release. You may also purchase it separately for $4 shipped (anywhere in the US; international shipping is extra, please contact us for details).

about this record

This CD sampler was produced as part of the ongoing 52 things project. See full details about this release.

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