20/52: Ann Arbor-Rochester travelogue, part 1

This weekend, I went to Rochester, New York, to attend the 2010 Technology of Applied Photography and Imaging workshop. I drove out on Thursday afternoon, heading from Michigan down through Ohio, then on into Pennsylvania and finally into New York.

Here are a few photos from the trip:





You can see the full set of travel photos at Flickr.

On Friday morning, the workshop began with an introduction and initial session by Andrew Davidhazy. His session focused on using photography as an unconventional measurement tool.

Andrew Davidhazy opening session


Afternoon sessions discussed digital workflow and macro/microphotography.



Cine mount 16mm lense epoxied to body cap
This is a cine-mount 16mm lens epoxied to the body cap for a low-cost micro photography lens.

You can see the full set of Day 1 workshop photos at Flickr.

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  1. Hey That trick of cementing a lens onto a body cap was worth the trip in itself! There was loads of other goodies too. Everyone was great. It sure was a good time. Jim

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