27/52: two new photosets

This week’s project for 52 things was a pair of projects, both photography-based. The first is a set called “vacation colors”, the second is a set of portraits I shot for friends of mine.

Here are some photos from that set:

vacation colors: green

vacation colors: red & white

vacation colors: yellow

See the full set of vacation colors on Flickr.

The second set of photos was a self-assignment, where I asked friends of mine to model for me and help me improve my portrait photography. My friends Jeannie and Rex graciously agreed.

Here’s one of Jeannie, with a CTO’d flash helping out the golden light of the sun setting.

Jeannie, sunset

Before I went into the shoot, I had an idea of a shot I knew I wanted. Rex is quite a character, and he owns an old police cruiser. I wanted a shot of him with the cruiser that made him look like the long arm of the law, and here’s what I ended up with:

Rex with the cruiser

Setup shot:

Rex - setup shot

Finally, a couple of simple black-and-white portraits. One flash behind them to act as a rim light (you can really see this on Jeannie’s hair), another in front to light the face.