31/52: Maker Faire Detroit – Ignite Presentation

On Saturday, July 31, I will be speaking at the Maker Faire Detroit, giving a 5-minute Ignite presentation about my 52 things project. This week’s project, in a meta turn, was preparing my presentation for the event.

Ignite is a chance for people to get up and speak about their passion for 5 minutes. Each talk is timed, with an automatically-advancing slideshow that accompanies it. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, for a total of 20 slides. You can read more about the Ignite event if you’re interested.

I hope you can come and see the Maker Faire Detroit, and hear me present about this great year-long experiment!

See me at Maker Faire!

Maker Faire Detroit

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  1. Bill – It was great to see you yesterday. Ahnika managed to sit quietly for a few of the presentations and I was very happy to catch yours. Congrats! -nick

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