39/52: a foggy day’s field recording

This past Thursday was a beautiful foggy morning, and it yielded this short video. It’s sort of a poem, in a way.

I recorded the video using my Canon T1i DSLR, shooting in 720p HD. The lens was a Yashica 55mm Macro ML, mounted using a C/Y to EF adapter. This allowed me to manually control the aperture and do nice, smooth focus changes. Audio for the video came from the on-camera microphone plus additional field recordings using the rig below.

I have access to an Eee PC netbook running Windows XP, along with an Audio-Technica AT2020 USB condensor microphone. This is an amazingly competent little recording rig, able to easily be carried into the field and run off battery power for quite a while.

39/52: field recording rig

39/52: field recording rig (in cases)

Since the AT2020 is powered over USB, one cable is all that’s needed to connect the microphone to the laptop, and Audacity (free open-source recording software) handles the audio recording nicely.

39/52: AT2020USB microphone

39/52: recording rig in the field