49/52: Help-Portrait

This past week’s project is overdue as concerns posting about it. On December 4, 2010, I participated in the Ann Arbor area’s Help-Portrait event. It’s hard to post much about an event like this, as it’s quite personal and part of the ideals include not sharing images produced. Even posting about it has been delayed due to needing a chance to think through how to share about it.

I was part of an amazing team. Here are a couple photos of our crew:

Rod and Jill
Rod and Jill Love are a husband-wife team. Jill was the main organizer behind the event, and Rod gave a ton of help the day of the event.

Chris Clements is a super talented photographer from Ann Arbor. We shared lots of talk and enthusiasm about all areas of photography, from lighting gear and techniques to processing styles and more.

In the end, I simply ask that you check out the Help-Portrait site and consider what you could do to help someone else out, whether it’s through your art or something else.